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Liverpool Care Pathway - Giving In And Letting Go

Life is at threat. The priorities are changed. The focus has been subtly altered. Before your very eyes...!

When they describe someone as being technically dead or brain dead, do they really mean ‘as good as dead’? It is less a scientific evaluation and more a value judgement.

We are all at risk because of this downsizing of focus. Steven Thorpe was declared to be brain dead by four medical experts. Brain scans failed to detect any electrical pulses. It was only the persistence and determination of his family that kept the death cultists from removing the life support.

This is Steven:
"My father believed I was still there.
"He expressed his views to Julia Piper and I think she listened very closely to what my dad had said.
"My impression is maybe the hospital weren't very happy that my father wanted a second opinion.
"I think the doctors wanted to give me three days on the life support machine and the following day they said they wanted to turn it off. 
"The words they used to my parents were 'you need to start thinking about organ donations'. 
"I think that's what gave my dad energy, he thought 'no way'. 
"I think if my dad would've agreed with them then it would've been off in seconds. 
"If my parents hadn't asked for the second opinion, and if Julia hadn't been there, I wouldn't be here today."
The pressure for organ donation is another real danger, another card the death cultists can play. The body is a crop to harvest. It is the strange fruit hanging from the tree.

In Wales, unless there is a declaration not agreeing to organ donation, the assumption is that you have agreed. These are all arguments in their armoury to press ahead and switch off life support.

Steven observes:
"Hopefully it can help people see that you should never give up."
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When is movement just a motor response? And when does it indicate more, much more than that?

A death focus removes 'improbable' considerations from the picture. A pathway may guide the ignorant in their basic tasks and functions but, when those pathways contain No Entry signs that deny access to avenues of investigation which should be followed, they should be abandoned. This death cult which struts through our hospital wards is killing people and doing harm.

This is the Daily Record –
Doctors at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary told Lorna’s family she was “technically dead” after a heart attack in 2012. 
They turned off her life support machine and moved her to a private room so her loved ones could say their goodbyes. 
Then the family noticed signs she was still alive. 
A nurse told them they were seeing after-effects of electric shock treatment. 
But they persisted. And after 45 minutes, doctors admitted Lorna was breathing. 
She was put back on life support, but her brain had been starved of oxygen and badly damaged. 
The 51-year-old mother of four, from Prestonpans, East Lothian, can now neither walk nor talk. She needs 24-hour care.

We are, all of us, at risk.

This is from Tissue Donation and End of life Care from Kingston Hospital Foundation NHS Trust -

NICE organ donation guidance makes it explicit in its first recommendation that ‘organ donation should be considered as a usual part of “end-of-life care” planning.’
The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) included in its documentation, a prompt for clinicians to discuss tissue and organ donation with the patient, and if appropriate their relatives. An audit performed at Kingston Hospital found that of 20 LCP proforma’s completed, only 1 had documented that this information had been ascertained.
Should they continue to maintain your life or farm your body parts to save three, four, more other lives? Such considerations should not enter into the equation to influence the judgement of the attending doctor.

These are not the considerations of the traditional doctor whose attention is focused on the patient in front of them. These are the considerations of the politicised Communitarian Practitioner.

There is a State directed EoL programme in effect. The EoLC programme means winding down those care expectations. Limiting, removing, denying treatment options is already halfway to fulfilling the EoL prognosis.

The physician stands fast no more to fight the good fight. The lone guard at our bedside, upon whom we relied to ward off the perils which engulf us, stands back from the spectacle of the fray and is become a mere spectator.

No longer does the Healer heal. Is no-one listening? In British hospitals, there has been a programme of death initiated. The evidence is there for those who wish to see.

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