Monday, 2 July 2012

Liverpool Care Pathway – A Gathering Momentum

The Gathering Momentum

A Gathering Momentum exerting constant and certain pressure via innocuous and persuasive argument becomes an irresistible force. Thus does the unacceptable seep into our moral overview and undermine our perceptions of right and wrong.

What is required is access to appropriate, adequate palliative and recuperative care tailored to individual needs. A protocol or pathway cannot provide this because everyone is an individual.

Replacing one Death Pathway (LCP) for another (euthanasia) is misguided and unacceptable.

The concept that dying can be ‘diagnosed’ is preposterous and absurd.

Those at the sharp end of this blunt instrument will take great exception to the DOH view and will not be mislead one wit by any recommendation from the deceptively named NICE. Their assurances and recommendations are dubious and motivated by self-interest.

It cannot be described as an independent or valid citation of a position when its supporters cite each other in support of that position. That is neither independent nor valid. But that is exactly what happens in respect to the Liverpool Care Pathway which is being foisted upon us by the State.

Obama famously complained that the US constitution,

"says what the state and federal government can't do to you; it doesn't say what it should do for you".

Hence: Obama’s description of the constitution as a ‘charter of negative liberties’.

Perhaps, the Founding Fathers, for all their omissions and set in the perceptions of the time, in not extending such provision in that founding document, knew very well from the European experience of subjection to despot and subjugation through tyranny that the people required protection from an intrusive State. 

Hence: The Constitution's bias.

It is a vile despotism and tyranny, however, that dons a mask of mercy and hides its real intent.

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